South Bay Power Plant

Contracted with Dyngegy to demolish this sixty year old decommissioned power plant and associated buildings.

Activities began by isolating and terminating utilities. Hazardous materials abatement followed to make sure all materials were then safe for removal. Preparing the structure over the next several months for eventual implosion soon followed. The 750 mega-watt plant had four boilers with four 140' tall stacks. The entire structure itself was approximately 100' wide and nearly 400' long.

Demolishing SBPP proved a daunting task. Due to the plant's location on the coast and active switching station, it was imperative that the immediate environment was not affected. Located near the water, there were a lot of obstacles to overcome from local community concert to multiple agency requirements. Dust and debris control were also paramount to the success of the project. A comprehensive and formalized demolition plan and site logistics plan were put into effect immediately to help mitigate any potential concerns. 

During preparation for the implosion, demolition of the turbine generators, their platforms and pedestals proceeded. An admin building, electrical shop, exterior catwalks as well as ground level equipment were also removed. Two 5 million gallon fuel oil tanks just south of the power plant were removed as well.

The implosion took place on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 7am by Dykon Blasting Company. Thousands of spectators arrived early to witness the event. Once the structures were down to a manageable size, our field crew, operators and labors, worked tirelessly to proceed the twisted tons of steel into smaller pieces, load the pieces onto trucks and off to the recyclers. Approximately 20,000 tons of steel was recycled. Another successful project.