Bridge and Transportation

Steel, concrete, stone or wood, Silverado has extensive experience working on public works projects throughout the state.  Silverado performs a wide range of bridge and transportation demolition work including complete bridge removal, bridge widenings and retrofits as well as airport runway and taxiway pavement removal.


Carquinez Bridge

Built in 1927, the Carquinez Bridge was utilized by more than 60,000 cars per day. Seismic problems led to its replacement. Silverado was contracted by California Engineering Contractors to demolish the old structure. 


Maxwell Bridge

C.C. Myers contracted Silverado to remove the 50 year old Maxwell Bridge in Napa, CA.

Bay Bridge

The San Francisco‐Oakland Bay Bridge is a complex bridge spanning the eastern San Francisco Bay and serves as the only direct road between San Francisco and Oakland. It carried approximately 250,000 vehicles a day on two concrete road decks. Construction on the bridge was completed in 1936 and demolition was completed in 2017. 

For various reasons the eastern span would have been too expensive to retrofit compared to replacing it. In 2013, California Engineering Contractors, Inc. and Silverado Contractors, Inc. were contracted by Caltrans to perform one of the largest and most complex demolition projects in United States history.