At Silverado we thoroughly plan every part of the project, anticipate the problems and come prepared with solutions. Silverado can professionally complete your selective demolition project from extensive structural building renovations, condo conversions and multi-story seismic retrofits to removal of boilers, stairs, elevators, escalators, stacks, conveyors, as well as simple interior demolition projects.

Silverado also performs drilling and installation of rebar dowels, concrete roughening, and surface preparation for building and bridge retrofit projects. From base isolations to bridge retrofits, we have the experience.

Salesforce Tower

Salesforce Tower

The Salesforce Tower formerly known as the Transbay Tower is a 1,100 foot tall office skyscraper in the South of Market District of downtown San Francisco.

The foundation work for the new Transbay Tower had 42 installed load bearing elements (LBE) to a depth of approximately 200’ below street level. A post installation investigation found flaws in the finished product that required removal of top 5’ up to 25’ of the LBEs.

Terminal 2 SFO Airport

Terminal 2, San Francisco International Airport

Selected by Turner Construction Company, Silverado performed selective demolish at the former international terminal of the San Francisco International Airport.

All interior and exterior finishes were removed from this 500,000 square foot building, reducing the structure to a steel and concrete shell. This project required precise execution and detailed planning as live MEP systems feeding the occupied air traffic controller tower above ran through the work area.

Levi Strauss factory

Levi Strauss

Plant Construction chose Silverado to perform the selective demolition for the renovation of the historic Levi Strauss factory, located in San Francisco, into a private school.

Silverado demolished raised flooring, elevators, wall partitions and MEP in order to get the building ready for the new construction.

Walt Disney Family Museum

Walt Disney Family Museum

Silverado performed the selective demolition on three historic buildings located on the old parade grounds in the Presidio of San Francisco.

Silverado first removed all non-historic interior walls, flooring and ceilings. The entire basement slab and some foundations were removed to make way for a new subbasement and underground theater. Extensive structural demolition was completed for the required seismic upgrades and many new openings in the brick walls were necessary.

Brick was salvaged and palletized onsite for later reuse at the project site. In addition historic wood paneling was cataloged and removed for refurbishment and reinstallation. Now completed the former army barracks buildings house a new state of the art museum highlighting the career of Walt Disney.

John Adams Campus

John Adams Campus, CCSF

Silverado performed the renovation of the historic 1912 brick and steel building in two phases.

Our crews carefully removed plaster ceilings, walls and wood flooring to allow for the seismic upgrade, while maintaining the historic fabric of the building. The boiler and mechanical systems were demolished and concrete walls were removed.