2015 1Q NEWSLETTER Vol 2 Issue 1.jpg


Honesty, Trustworthy, Credibility, Respect

We always do the right thing. We will not profit at the expense of our employees, the public or the environment




Professional, Knowledge, Prepared, Expertise, Mastery, Focus, Organized, Industry Leader

We are professional, prepared, and experts in our industry. We strive to do our best work every day.



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Approachable, Dependable, Reliable, Commitment, Available, Sacrifice

We are approachable, reliable and committed to getting it right. Working together with our clients, we can accomplish anything.



Respectful, Gratitude, Friendliness, Family, Generosity, Harmony, Sincerity, Philanthropy

We respect the contributions of our employees, subs and vendors. We generously give back to our employees and the community.




Progressive, Creative, Insightful, Learning, Optimism, Resourceful, Unique, Visionary

We are creative, resourceful, optimistic and visionary. We think out of the box. We employ new technologies in the office and the field. We listen to and implement the ideas of our employees.




Diligence, Determination, Resolute, Drive, Passion

We have a passion for what we do. We are determined to succeed. We never, never, never give up.