Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silverado has performed numerous projects over water. Our Port of Oakland marine demolition experience includes the removal of the 1,000 foot concrete wharf at Berth 22, the removal of the 300 foot long wooden FDR Pier at Jack London Square, and the retrofit of Berth 32/33, a 1,500 foot long concrete pier.

Berth 22 Port of Oakland

Berth 22 Replacement, Port of Oakland

Berth 22 at the Port of Oakland required demolition and removal of a 1,000 foot long concrete and wood timber wharf. Creosote treated wood timbers were removed, piece by piece and then sold to a reuse company. Approximately 36,000 tons of concrete and asphalt generated from demolition was crushed onsite into class II base rock and sold for reuse on the project site. Critical path demolition work was completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

Working for Manson Construction, Silverado demolished Berth 22 at the Port of Oakland to make way for a berth with a deeper draft. Demolition of the berth consisted of the removal of a 100,000 square feet concrete wharf, and processing over 2,500 piles. The concrete was then crushed on site yielding 36,000 tons of Class-2 recycled base rock. Silverado Contractors then performed the mass excavation of 20,000 cubic yards of soil for the construction of the new wharf.

FDR Pier

FDR Pier

The Port of Oakland chose Silverado Contractors to help in the renovation of the floating monument, USS Potomac. The USS Potomac was the yacht of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Silverado abated and demolished an existing pier and installed Teak and steel barrier rail more befitting the landmark vessel.

Silverado successfully performed the removal of the dilapidated and condemned FDR Pier at the Port of Oakland. The failing 300 foot long structure was adjacent to a heavily traveled walkway to the Oakland ferry departure point.

Berth 32 33 Wharf Rehabilitation

Berth 32/33 Wharf Rehabilitation, Port of Oakland

Silverado removed 1,500 lineal feet of concrete crane rail at the face of the Berth 32/33 wharf. Additionally, Silverado demolished the former Long Shoreman's building and performed land side demolition for the installation of the new rear crane rail. Over 1,000 feet of the old crane rails were removed.