"We were continually impressed with your willingness to meet every challenge and work with our project team to come up with the best solution. The Hospital and Western Addition Demolition project in Panorama City took the better part of two years to complete, and we greatly appreciate the experience, determination, creativity, and professionalism demonstrated by your entire project team to help make the project so successful."

-Anthony Messenger, Construction Manager | Kaiser Permanente

"I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the employees of Silverado Contractors, Inc. for their outstanding efforts in safely dismantling the Lake Merritt Administration structure and removing all hazardous materials in the building without any disruption of the District's train service. Also of significant note is that 100% of all non-hazardous construction materials, i.e. concrete, steel, glass, wood, and plastics were recycled. Once again, my thanks for a job well done in completing this very challenging work on schedule, within budget, and with the highest regard for the safety of the public."

-Chris Quinn, Deputy Executive Manager | BART

"Silverado Contractors, Inc. understood our challenges (working in a radioactive nuclear-grade environment or deploying preventive measures for endangered species) and areas of emphasis. As a result, they are highly qualified to perform demolition in California and PG&E would not hesitate using them for future similar work."

-B.R. Phillips | PG&E

"The crew was actively engaged in the work at all times, paying close attention to safety and scope to prevent accidents and injuries while maintaining compliance with site permits and regulations. Because of the safe and efficient work by your field team, we completed the project ahead of schedule, under budget, and with no safety incidents."

-Joel Bauman, PG, PMP | Jacobson James & Associates, Inc. 

"Silverado Contractors, Inc. has brought knowledge, experience, and integrity to this construction project. Their willingness to help achieve the goals of our project's budget and schedule has been a success. I place trust and confidence in Silverado Contractors, Inc. to deliver a quality project on time and on budget."

-Grant J. Gourley, Senior Project Manager | W.M. Lyles Co.