HGST Building 5

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Digital that sells hard drives, solid state drives, and external storage products and services. The HGST Great Oaks Parkway Campus are in the process of demolishing several buildings, some of which are in close proximity to an operating FAB (Building 006), which was very sensitive to ground vibration.

One such building was Building 005, located approximately 200 feet North of Building 006. Building 005 was a 200,000 SF manufacturing building with an additional 52,000 SF of mezzanine areas. HGST and General Contractor Rudolph & Sletten (R&S) had conducted several vibration monitoring studies to analyze the best possible method of demolishing Building 005 without compromising the manufacturing processes of Building 006.  Based on the recommendation of vibration monitoring studies, the only possible way to demolish Building 005 was to perform the demolition during maintenance shut down. R&S started to search a reputable competent demolition contractor with enough manpower and equipment to take on the task of demolishing 252,000 SF building within 5 days. 

In December 2014, R&S approached Silverado Contractors, Inc. (Silverado) for this project. With a proven track record, Silverado gladly accepted this challenge. Silverado not only provided pricing to demolish Building 005 but also submitted different logistic plans to safely demolish Building 005 within the allocated time.