Morro Bay Power Plant

Silverado removed all six of the fuel oil storage tanks that supplied the Morro Bay Power Plant. The tanks combined capacity was 34 million gallons. The tanks were located in an extremely ecologically sensitive sand dune with endangered species. The site was also an Indian heritage site, which required coordination with the onsite Indian representative.

The Morrow Bay Power Plant - Fuel Oil Tank Farm decommissioning consisted of the demolition of six above ground fuel oil tanks including one with a secondary containment unit with a floating lid. Each of five of the tanks had a capacity of 159,000 bbls with fixed roofs and one 54,000 bbls tank with a floating lid.

Over the course of the project Silverado had to be careful not to endanger the local habitat and make sure the environment surrounding the tanks was not disturbed in any way. To help make sure this was accomplished, Silverado placed 100, 1.0" thick, 8x20 steel plates strategically throughout the tank farm basin. All of the tanks were demolished on site with all the metals processed for recycling.