Union Square

This project involved the complete stripping of two acres of the street level surface of Union Square in downtown San Francisco to make way for a new community area. Difficult conditions, in a highly congested area made for a challenge. Traffic patterns in the area were a coordinated effort by all parties involved to ensure pedestrians and automobile traffic was not impacted. All planter boxes, paving and concrete topping slabs were removed, as well as the soil, which was hauled to Golden Gate Park for reuse by the City. Granite planters were salvaged and sold for reuse.

All demolition activities occurred over an active operating four story underground parking garage. Several hundred loads of dirt and concrete debris were removed from the site. Great care and safety was given to assure the safety of all in this high density shopping district.

Silverado Contractors was selected to remove 3,000 tons of existing park improvements and excavate 4,000 tons of lead contaminated soil from Union Square in San Francisco. The excavation, and removal of improvements, including recycling of the old granite planter walls, was done adjoining active city streets and above an active parking structure.